Wheels Fargo and the Nightingale
  Songs of Calico [2011]
Part Records
Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow - House Of The Rising Sun - Victorian Lady - Night Train To Memphis - Down Down Down - Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Cotton Fields - Foot Prints In The Snow - Rocky Top - Crazy Arms - Calico - The Auctioneer - Molly And Tenbrooks - T For Texas - Littlie Maggie - I Hate My Neighbor

This Italian band defines itself as “the ultimate rocking bluegrass string band” and, guess what, this is exactly what you’ll find on this platter..
The songs come from the catalogs of Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe, the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, the Stanley Brothers and so on. As you can see we’re in well known territory and a little bit more originality in the choice of the songs would have been better. In addition to these covers, Antonella, the lead singer, has penned three songs.
It’s very well played and sung (though the Italian accent could be disturbing at times, but let’s say it adds to the charm) but lacks of that little extra something that makes the difference between average and good records. It’s too bad because their originals are quite good, especially I Hate My Neighbors, and a full album like that would have been far more superior.

.Fred "Virgil" Turgis