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labels & online records stores

Bear Family
When it comes to reissues, no one can top the German Bear. Perfect sound, copious booklets written by respected critics and specialists. To quote the Los Angeles Time "It's not even out of question that some artists would be more flattered to have their own Bear Family boxed set than a Grammy."

Western Star Records
Founded by Alan Wilson (The Sharks). Home of The Bonneville Barons, Rudy La Crioux, Jack Rabbit Slim, Chuck Harvey and more...

El Toro Records
This Spanish label knows how to rock : The Sprague Brothers, The Bop Kings, The Hi-Q's, Truly Lover Trio, Runnin' Wild and others I forget right now. Go and check 'em out.

Goofin Records
Since 1984. Home of High Noon, The Barnshakers, Marti Brom, Shaun Young, Sean Mencher... Also an online store.

Nervous Records
Legendary Neo-rockabilly and Psychobilly label (Frenzy, Sharks, The Quakes, The Nitros, The Frantic Flintstones, Batmobile, they all recorded one day or another for Nervous), very complete online shop and you can even buy mp3's from out of print records.

Raucous Records
Another site to order rockabilly, neo-rockabilly, psychobilly and all that stuff. Raucous is also a great label.

Rhythm Bomb Records
Online rockabilly shop and one of the best new label (Willie Lewis, Hopped Up, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Bones Maki...)

Vinylux Records
Lance & Wendy LeBeau's label. Only ten references, maybe, but ten masterpieces!

Wichita Falls Records
Record label of Frank Lee Sprague and The Sprague Brothers.

Wild Hare Records
The best rockabilly label on earth! Home of The Droptops, Buck Stevens, The Garnet Hearts, Slick Andrews...


magazines & webzines

Blue Suede news
Covers the entire spectrum of American Roots Music, from '50 s Rock'n'Roll styles - Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues to Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun & Zydeco, Swing and you-name-it hybrids.

Now Dig This!
NOW DIG THIS is the magazine for fans of 1950s rock'n'roll. Professionally printed at A4 size with 40 pages, it has appeared every month since April 1983 and is read by rock'n'rollers all over the world.

Black Cat Rockabilly Europe
Tons of reviews, lyrics and infos.

festivals & venues

Holiday Rock
Organisers in good time Rock`n`Roll events

The Rockabilly Rave
The biggest festival in Europe, and now it's in the summer !

Rockin' 50's Fest
Impressive line-up of legends and almost all of the best artist of today... Amazing!

Screamin' Weekender
Sunny Spain and rockin' music...

Viva Las Vegas

Bedlam Breakout
Bedlam aims to re-start the psychobilly festivals & gigs that we used to do - just good bands, good people & good times.