V/A Walldorf Rock 'n' Roll Weekend
  Walldorf Rock 'n' Roll Weekend 2010 CD
The Dynotones - The Chisler / Hot Wire - Tigerfeet / Crazy Legs - Green Men From Mars / Jungle Tigers - Green Eyes / Honky Tonk Pounders - Freight Train Running / The Bombs - Crime No. 1 / The Neanderthals - Too Many Nights In A Gin Mill / Lazy Boys - Shadows / Good Fellas - Walkin`With Mr. S. / Hannes and his Ballroom Kings - Rip It Up / Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers - Shameful Breaker / Smalltown Casanovas - Graduation Day / King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys - Puerto Rico / Rhythm Train - Bad To The Bone / Whip Crackin' Daddies - Headin`West / Tony Marlow - Action Baby / Wheels Fargo and the Nightingale - Mule Skinner Blues / Arsen Roulette - Let's Get On With It All / Billy Bros. Jumpin' Orchestra - Flyin' Home

A very varied compilation that reflects the band present at the Walldorf Rock'n'roll Weekend.
The Dynotones open the set with their surf, then you have neo rockabilly with Hot Wire. Crazy Legs are in the same style but with a hint of psychobilly. Also close to the psychobilly idiom are the excellent Whip Crackin' Daddies with their southern gothic psychobilly. Of course there's plenty of rockabilly with Jungle Tigers, Honky Tonk Pounders, The Bombs, Arsen Roulette (very wild!) and Tony Marlow in a Charlie Feathers mood. Add some rock'n'roll (Hannes and his Ballroom Kings, Ruby Dee), country rock (the excellent Lazy Boys), Swing (Billy Bros Jumpin' Orchestra), garage (The Neanderthals) and skiffle/bluegrass with Wheels Fargo.

A good way to discover new bands before buying the long players.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis