The Unkool Hillbillies
  Evil Times
Strawberry Records GET004
Dangling On A String - Another Day Another Lie - Sarah - Wake Up - I Aint Mad At You - Just Your Fool - I'll Do My Best - Jump Start My Heart - Linda Lee - Rock This Joint - Evil Times - It Hurts Me Too - Your The One - Dirty - Tore Up - Blisters - Stampen Boogie - Tell Me

Don't let the name of the band mislead you: this band is anything but un-cool and their music owns more to New Orleans and Chicago than to the Grand Ole Opry.
Featuring the pounding piano of Anders Umegarg and the fantastic blues harp of Richard Andersson (and both sing), a mean guitar and a solid rhythm section, this 18 song (13 originals) album is a killer from start to finish.
It's a mix of Chicago Blues (Little Walter's Just Your Fool) jumpin' blues with an early rock'n'roll edge (Rock This Joint), Jerry Lee Lewis piano (Dangling On A String), New Orleans rhythm'n'blues featuring juicy saxes (Sarah), good old boogie woogie (Stampen Boogie) and some Blasters influences (Wake Up, Evil Time). They add diversity with three songs recorded live (Tore Up, Blisters and Stampen Boogie) and guest singer Karin Johansson is featured on three tunes including Elmore James' It Hurts Me Too.
After all this, I'm not sure you'll continue to call them unkool!

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Fred "Virgil" Turgis