The Tin Cans
  Unbreakable [2012]
Mad Drunken Monkey Records MDMO15
I Got The Rhythm - From One To Four - From The Bottom Of My Heart - Turn That Music Down - Once Again - Searching For You - Go Buddy Go - I Wanna Know - Crying Shame - Please Come Back - This Is It - Letter Of Goodbye - High On Rock 'n' Roll - That Day Went To The Devil - Lady Of Leisure - Brave Rockin' Heart

Formed in 1996, the Tin Cans are now firmly established as one of the top Neo-rockabilly band in activity today. To tell you the truth with Unbreakable their sixth album, they probably release one of the very best albums of the genre. With 15 self penned songs it’s a rare case of all-killer-no-filler record. Yes sir! Here you’ll find superb musicianship from the strong rhythm section to the hot guitar of Semmel. The Tin Cans doesn’t seem to care about the musical trends that come and go on the rockin’ scene they play their own vision of Rockabilly and album after album like a joiner who sands down a piece of wood to obtain the perfect curve, they refine their vision. To achieve this they use elements of 50’s rockabilly mixed with 80’s neo-rockabilly, a bit of country twang, a touch of ska, all of this played with a 21st century feel. A brilliant that comes in a nicely designed digipack.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis