The Thunderchiefs
Wormtone – WT-507
Cry Of the Thunderchiefs - The Last Ride - Buzzard Coupe - Deep Six - Our Last night - Wound Up! - Pretty Eyes - Gremmies Holiday - Comanche Moon - That's It - Off The Board - Drag-N-Fly - One Potato Two Potato - Cry Of the Thunderchiefs (Bonus Track)
The Thunderchiefs are a – not so – new project coming from Austin and featuring the talents of Shaun Young (High Noon) , Bobby Trimble (drums), Joe Emery and Mike Guerrero (respectively from the Ugly Beats and the Sir Finks). Recorded at the famous Jet Tone studio in a true vintage way, they play surf instrumentals ((all originals but two) alternating fast numbers with slow ones (The Last Ride), with tons of reverb that will please every Astronauts fans. All along the references are obvious : the Ventures, the Lively Ones and so on… “Comanche Moon”, a Sean Mencher song, has the Indian beat the title indicates and is a good occasion to salute the talent of Bobby Trimble. They also have good gimmicks like on “Drag-N-Fly” with the second guitar imitating the fly.
Some vocal numbers are present too, Shaun Young’s Our Last Night has that kind of Buddy Holly/Bobby Fuller type of beat in it that suits his voice perfectly. “Pretty Eyes” is more Beach Boys oriented and “That’s It” is wilder and very good too. Talking about wilderness, The Crossfires’ “One potato Two Potato” (very close to the original) is a good piece of garage stuff with screaming vocal and distorted guitars. The bonus track is a slightly different version of “Cry Of The Thunderchiefs”. This is pure fun and excellent music. Buy it at
Wormtone Records.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis