The Coffin Nails
Who’s He ? [1990]
Nervous 059
Skeleton swamp - Humungus's horse blues - Midnight hour – Unbalanced - Been around the world - Inspector Clueso - She's a moose - Mission impossible - Dr. Frankenstein's castle - Carling Black Label - The loch - Peter (the street cleaner)

Released in 1990 after the disastrous Live’n’Rockin’, Who’s He? is the band’s first studio album recorded with a slap bass. Needless to say that The Coffin Nails had something to prove and this platter was a mighty fine surprise. Produced by Pete Gage, they never sounded so good. Humungus’ voice has improved a lot (though he’s a bit ambitious when he covers “Midnight Hour”). The new members, Simon Milton on slap bass and Nasser Bouzida (ex member of the ska band The Loafers), have brought a welcome dose of fresh air. In the end Who’s He? is a very good psychobilly album with touches of hillbilly (Humungus’ Horse Blues) and ska (Been All Around The World) played by a band that doesn’t take it too seriously (She’s A Moose).

The Radioactive Kid


Live & Rockin'
Cherry Red/Anagram cdmpsycho60

Please Little Woman - Heartbreak Hotel - Skateboard Frenzy - Brand New Cadillac - Penetration - Let's Wreck - Myra Hindley - Do You Love Me - Loose Loose Woman (She's A Moose) - Uncle Willy - Blubbery Love (Saintly Snails) - Psycho Disease - My Baby Left Me

The Coffin Nails have without a doubt played during their career numerous gigs that were worth recording, so why did Link records release this particular show on record remains a mystery. And why Cherry Red/Anagram reissues it is another mystery. Recorded in late 1989 in front of a small crowd (so small you can't barely call it a crowd), they seem totally unrehearsed: the drummer (who only played on this album) is sometimes off beat and Humungus makes mistakes one after another and almost forgets the lyrics of the songs. Even Humungus admits that this records is their worst one. It's a pity because when you see the setlist it could have been a great album including all their classics. Prefer to this album the live compilation "Sick Sick Sick" (also featuring Skitzo and Demented Are Go) or their most recent live album "Big Night Out".

The Radioactive Kid