The Texabilly Rockets
  20 years rollin’ down the track
Part –CD 638.009
Flying High and Hit the Sky - I'm Runnin' - Wild Nights - Better Lonely - La Chica Stroll - 56 Days - Cry and Shame - Let's Bop! - Gotta Love You Baby - I Found My Place - Your Heart in My Garbage Can - Honey Let's Go - Hot Rod Race 13 - Bop Cat Bop

The Texabilly Rockers formed in 1993, in Lisbon, Portugal. They later changed their name to the Texabilly Rockets and they now celebrate their 20th anniversary. All songs are penned by the band with some "oldies" dating from the the “Rockers” day (Honey Let’s Go) and each member contributed to the songwriting.
The core of the album is made of sizzling hot rockabilly ranging from the most traditional (Cry and Shame; Honey Let’s Roll) to the wildest. In between, they’re clever enough to vary the moods with a bit of country and hillbilly bop (Better Lonely, 56 days), a stroller with sax (La Chica Stroll), some boogie blues like Hot Rod Race 13 or Let’s Bop, the latter, with a harp, sharing a similar feel to Red Hot’n’Blue’s Sure Like The Look In Your Eyes. Also featuring a harp is Bop Cat Bop an acoustic new version of a song previously released on their fourth album of the same name.
Good album.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis