Teri Joyce
Kitchen Radio
1.Don't Look For Me 'til You See Me Comin' - 2. Kitchen Radio - 3. Something Blue - 4. The Party After The Party - 5. Austin, Texas, U.S.A. - 6. Let's Stop Singin' Thil Ol' Song - 7. Bluebonnets For My Baby - 8. Wearing Out My Welcome - 9. Belly Up - 10. Fifteen Minutes Of Shame - 11. I Can't Help Myself - 12. Everybody's Darlin' - 13. Just Because I Have A Heart To Break - 14. It Can't Be True

Teri Joyce is a fine songwriter, most of you may know the songs she wrote for Marti Brom especially "Blue Tattoo" and she comes from Austin. So it's no surprise to find solid songwriting on her debut album produced by Justin Trevino. It's a good set of honky tonks, bakersfield, country weepers and a couple of uptempo numbers to add diversity. Some of the finest Austin's musicians are present on this album including Dave Biller, Liza Pankratz, Jim Stringer, T Bonta as well as guest appearances by Kevin Smith, Cindy Cashdollar, Bobby Flores and Floyd Domino to name but a few. Roger Wallace appears on two songs to duet with Terri. To be honest, I find Terri's voice a bit shy at places and she lacks of fullness but she sings with honesty which is the main quality for true country music. I just regret that the production is a bit slick and I believe that a dirtier and warmer sound would have been better.
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Fred "Virgil" Turgis