Still Rockin' Around the Clock - Marshall Lytle with Michael Jordan Rush
  I respect Marshall Lytle a lot. I worship every side he recorded with Bill Haley as well as the Jodimars. I enjoyed a lot his recent musical ventures like Marshall & The Shooting Stars and the fact he's still being able to play on stage today forces the admiration. So I bought this book with great expectations, hoping to read the story of one of the greatest rock'n'roll band from the point of view of someone who actually lived it.
The first things you notice when you have this book in hands is
that it's printed very big and with a mere 200 pages you read it very quickly.
The main problem is not that it's not very well written (after all he's a bass player not a writer) but it's not very interesting either. Marshall never goes deep into details and doesn't seem very interested by the music (you'll find more info about his incomes as a real estate agent than about the recording of Shake Rattle & Roll).
And when he gives some details you doubt about them. For example he says that they never played Rock Around The Clock before the recording session except for one rehearsal the day before though many books say they used to play it on stage and had a great success with it. This minor things aside, the main thing you remember when you finish this book is a deep feeling of bitterness. Maybe Bill Haley wasn't the best boss on earth, I don't know I wasn't here (but Marshall was! you'll object), but it seems that in every chapter you read Marshall saying "Bill never gave me credit for Crazy Man Crazy", "Bill never paid us this", "Bill was jealous of my talent", "Capitol never promoted the Jodimars", "I was never credited for writing Clarabella so I never saw a cent for the Beatles cover" and so on.
It's not very expensive so you can try it but don't expect to learn anything on the musical side.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis