You can trace the roots of Scam back to the Juvenile Delinquents who had an album out on Tombstone Records ("Jumpin' Around"). The Scam, featuring Arie Versteeg on double bass, Raymond Fitsch on drums and Marcel van den Berg on voice & guitar, formed in the second half of the 80's. They released two long player and one mini lp. They disbanded around 1993. Marcel remained active on the music scene. He played with the Penguin (Batmobile's bassplayer side project) and can now be found in 69Beavershot, Triple Dynamite and Dee Ann & The Nightcaptains.
  Gamblin' Fever
Count Orlock
Pirates And Thieves - Captain Caveman - Magic Bus - Searching -. Hangover - Nutcrackers - Island Of Rock -. Somebody Tell Me - Losing Touch - Gamblin' Fever - Dr. No - Ready, Willing And Able
Released in 1988, this first album is very representative of the sound of the day. Light drums, slap bass and a clean electric guitar, influenced by fellow Dutchmen Batmobile and Restless. The sound is good (Johnny Z. produces. Any link to Johnny Zuidhof from Batmobile?) but could be a bit "fuller". They have good original songs (Hangover, Captain Caveman, Ready Willing & Able) but the long distance (12 songs) tends to disadvantage the band and the album sounds a bit repetitive, they could have reduced it to eight solid songs. They also cover the Who's Magic Bus,a band previously covered on the Juvenile Delinquents album (My Generation). I'm not sure sure it's been reissued on cd, so try to grab a vinyl copy on ebay.
  Infant Years
Haunted House - Death Train - Can I Get A Witness - Cry Out - I Can't See - The Eyes - Boogie Disease
Despite an ugly cover, this mini lp, recorded in 1989, shows an improvement from the first album. Actually, there's not a big departure in term of sound but the band is tighter and the songs less repetitive.
  A Million Dollar Scam
The getaway - Dead and gone - Cold as ice - Where did I go wrong - Stop bugging me - I'm going crazy - Hang 'em high - Stop that gorilla - You can't trick me - Goodbye so long - Which way now - Devil's music - It ain't right - Bloodbrothers - Trouble tonight - Loved that woman - Drink that bottle down - Candy man
Released in 1991, this album marks a new step for the band. To their usual brand of light psychobilly/neo-rockabilly, they add a good dose of rockin' blues with blues harp, saxophone and slide guitar. The set is varied and the song inspired. A guest singer is present on a couple of songs and brings a bit of diversity. A good album that shows the evolution and the maturity of the band. Reissued on cd with four bonus tracks.