Automatic Oil
Tragic Girl – Get Off My Lap – Corner Of DeBree – Broken record – Strangled In The City – Gum Springs Girl – Automatic Oil – Fistfull Of Pomade – Hey Trudy – Gutter Tongues
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Automatic Oil is the newest album by this quartet from New Jersey and is co-produced by Billy Horton, which is always a mark of quality. Rylo plays blues. “What kind of blues?” will you ask. Well every kind of good blues. The hypnotizing rhythm of “Corner Of DeBree” and “Strangled In the City” and Sweet Al Baesen’s harp style reminds the great Howling Wolf, “Get Off My Lapp” is more on the jumping side and “Automatic Oil” is a frantic bluesabilly. “Broken Records” is another rockin’ one.
Sometimes a piano adds a welcome touch of boogie. And if you like Jimmie Vaughan (like me) you’ll enjoy the brilliant “Fistfull Of Pomade” with its organ.
The rhythm section is tight but always groovy, the harp and the guitar trade licks with intelligence and Baesen’s smoky voice couldn’t be better for that style. Rylo is the solution for those who are tired of the so-called blues with no soul in it the big company try to sell.
If you’re not a dangerous maniac who stores his records in alphabetical order (ahaha), you won’t find a better place for Rylo’s Automatic Oil than between Nick Curran and The Lazy Jumpers.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis