V/A Rock With It - Rockin' With The Rhythm & Blues
  Vol. 2
El Toro R&B 108 [2009]
Rock And Roll - Manhattan Paul / Rock 'Em And Roll 'Em - Jessie Mae Roberson / Rock Little Daddy - Eunice Davis / Rock! Rock! Rock! - Willis "Gatortail" Jackson / I Want To Rock - Little Miss Sharecropper / We're Gonna Roll - Shorty Muggins / Roll, Roll, Roll - Jimmy Preston / Gonna Rock This Mornin' - Doles Dickens Quintet / I'm Gonna Rock 'Til My Rocker Breaks Down - Connie Jordan / Rock Savoy Rock - Andrew Tibbs / Rock Me Baby - Johnny Otis / Rock The Bottle - Earl Forest / Rollin' The Blues - Joe Thomas / Rockin' The Blues Away - Tiny Grimes / Rock This House - Lowell Fulson / Rock With It - Johnny Moore's Three Blazers / I'm Your Rockin' Man - Herman Manzy / Rockin' Rhythm - Pee Wee Barnum / Baby Rock Me - Pat Valdelar / Let's Rock! - Goree Carter / Rock With Me Mamma - Buddy Tate / My Kind Of Rockin' - Rene Hall / Rockin' Boogie - Joe Lutcher / Rock That Voot - Nelson Alexander / Rock Bertha Rock - Big Bertha Henderson / How About Rockin' With Me? - Piney Brown / We're Gonna Rock This Joint - Jackson Brothers / Rockin' With Fes' - Roy "Baldhead" Byrd

Fantastic compilation that gathers 28 tracks, all about rockin' and rollin by small jump combos. What you'll find here are the seeds of the rock'n'roll revolution. As you can expect it's full of blues shouter, juicy saxes, boogie woogie pianos and hot guitar riffs. From the mysterious Manhattan Paul to the internationnally renowned Sammy Davis they all played rock'n'roll before someone had the idea to put a name on this music. It comes with a very instructive booklet.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis