Various artists
  The Best Of Ripsaw Records Vol.1
PART Records 650.005
The Boogie Disease - Billy Hancock & The Tennessee Rockets / Bad Boy - Tex Rubinowitz / Feelin' Right Tonight - Martha Hull / When I See You - Billy Hancock / Get A Little Goner - Marti Brom / Wheels On Fire - Kid Tater & The Cheaters / This Time - Billy Hancock & The Tennessee Rockets / Oooh-Wow! - The Uptown Rhythm Kings / Both Wheels Left the Ground - Bobby Smith / Rootie Tootie - Billy Hancock & The Tennessee Rockets / Mascara Tears - Marti Brom / Sweet Alla Lee - Louie Setzer & The Appalachian Mountain Boys / House Rocker - The Uptown Rhythm Kings / Lonely Blue Boy" - Billy Hancock & The Tennessee Rockets / Hot Rod Man - Tex Rubinowitz / Alley Cat" - Billy Hancock / What Do I Hafta Do - Bobby Smith / No Use Knockin' - The Uptown Rhythm Kings / Oh, Caroline - Billy Hancock / Finders Keepers - Marti Brom

Good idea from Part records to release this best of. Ripsaw is an independent label that released carefully selected singles, mostly rockabilly ones, during the late 70’s/early 80’s. It gained a deserved cult status among fans. Ripsaw was the home of Tex Rubinowitz and Billy Hancock to name but two of the big names. In a semi retirement since the 90’s it recently came back to life to release, jointly with Goofin Records of Finland, the latest Marti Brom (whom 3 songs are included here). With this compilation you won't have to spend big bucks to catch the original singles. In addition to hard hitting rockabilly by Hancock, Rubinowitz but also Martha Hull (featuring Eddie Angel on guitar) and Bobby Smith (with Danny Gatton), you can also find Bluegrass (Louie Setzer and the Appalachian Mountain Boys), Honky Tonk (Marti Brom), jump blues (The Uptown Rhythm Kings). Part hasn’t cut corners and the cd comes with a detailed booklet featuring a song by song analysis, biographies of the musicians and a complete and detailed sessionography. Very well down. This cd belongs to the collection anyone interested in the Rockabilly Revival movement. I’m looking forward to the release of Volume 2.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis