The Rattlers
Gangsters and loose Women [1991]
Count Orlock R.O.C.K. XII

Rock On - Change Your Mind - It's All Over - What Have I Done? - The Chase - Ring On The Other Hand - Back Of My Hand - Through The Curtain - The Race Is On - Haunted Hill - Win Or Lose - Lux Luther Blues - She Don't Love Me - Beat Out My Love - All The Tears - King Creole

The Chase [1991]
Jungle Noise Records ‎– Banana 1
The Chase - She Don't Love Me - Bad Moon Rising (Live)

Never A lost Moment [1991]
Lost Moment
Tear It Up - Mystery Train - She's My Baby - Good Rockin' Tonight - Rockhouse - Hey Baby - Ting-A-Ling - Little Red - Your My Baby - Walkin' Whistlin' Blues - I Don't Want You - Mine All Mine - Dancin' Doll - Your My Baby - Rattlin' Boogie - Life in a Coffin - Take a Ride - Bad Moon Rising - Love Me - 007

What happens when a label wants to cash in on a band’s name? They gather early recordings (very early and much uninspired), poorly recorded live songs as well as a couple of outtakes and alternate takes and the result is a 20 song album that is barely audible. It’s a pity because the Rattlers were a good band and deserved a better treatment than this hastily made compilation. For hardcore fans only (but only them!).
The Radioactive Kid

Face the Fact [1990]
Raucous Records – RAUC 012
Face The Fact – Running - I Feel Fine - Waiting For You To Call
  Never Say Die [1989]
Nervous 052
Crazy Love CLCD6494
Gone Forever - Cruisin` Around - For Your Love - She`s The One - Savin` It All For You - Loaded Dice - Leavin` You Behind - Never Say Die - The Man With The Twilight Eyes - For You No More - Forbidden Love - October Moon - Never Catch Me Again

The Rattlers formed in 1984. the band released various albums, singles, ep's before splitting a couple of years later. Nick Peck (slap bassist) joined Paul Roman (Quakes) in Paul Roman and the Prowlers for a short time but soon re-frormed the Rattlers, with Doug Sheperd on guitar (formerly in Something Shocking and one time member of the Rattlers for the stage) and Doug McCarthy on drums. A deal was concluded with Nervous Records and they recorded "Never Say Die" with Pete Gage in 1989.
This album is really excellent and though the previous one were good it's by far a more accomplished work (I believe that Gage is no stranger to that).
The core of the album is made of a majority of self penned neo-rockabilly numbers very well written with tight arrangement and a special care on the vocal harmonies. Peck is a more than competent singer too. A couple of songs border on psychobilly like the title track (superb) and orbidden Love. At the exact opposite October Moon and Leavin' You Behind find the band in a jazzy-rockabilly style similar to the Nitros.
The original pressing is now long out of print but it's been reissue on cd by Crazy Love records and is also available as mp3 download on Nervous Records' website.

The Radioactive Kid

Take A Ride [1985]
Lost Moment Records – LMLP 007 .
Shake Your Money Maker - Knife Edge Baby - Life In A Coffin - Bloo Zoot - Gona Rock - 007 Theme - Take A Ride - Mine All Mine - Bad Moon Rising - Blow Up Baby - She's The One - Love - Bare Foot Nell

EP [1985]
Lost Moment Records– LMEP 001 .
Little Red - Movin' On - Ever Lovin Baby - Devil Rides Out

Rock [1984]
Lost Moment Records – EX-LMLP 007 .
Little Red Ridin' Hood - Movin' On - Blow Up Baby (Euro Mix) - Mine All Mine - Everlovin' Baby - Devil Rides Out

Scare Me To Death [1984]
Lost Moment Records – LMLP 001 .
Scare Me To Death - Little Red - Mine All Mine - Kat Krept In - Hey Baby - Always Yours - Your My Baby - The Rattlin Boogie

I Don't Want You / [1984]
Lost Moment Records – LOM 003 .