Various artists / Psycho Tendencies
  Psycho Tendencies
The Griswalds – Nighthawk / Spellbound - Last Breath / Full Moon Freaks - Surfboard Song / Frantic Flintstones - Hot Head Baby / Termites - Let Me In / Grovelhog - Times Gotta Change / Long Tall Texans - 900 Miles / Full Moon Freaks - Swamp Rockin' Baby / Go-Katz - Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat / Sugarpuff Demons - Weedin' / Griswalds - Psycho Tendencies / Termites - I Can't Wait / Shakin' Bones - Deviltown USA / Frantic Flintstones - Alley Cat King / Go-Katz – Nightmare / Griswalds - Robbie Robot / Sgt Fury - Cold Cold Sunday / Radium Cats - Haunted By Your Love / Cosmic Voodoo - Old Man In The Woods / Frantic Flintstones - Let's Go Somewhere

This compilation is a good snapshot of what the Psychobilly scene was around 1988/1989. The original vinyl was the first long player released on Raucous, a label that has made a long way since. It covers a variety of style and proves if needed that this music isn’t that easy to pigeonhole. It ranges from the up-tempo skiffle/rockabilly of the Long Tall Texans to the punkish sound of the Grovelhogs. In between you find excellent bands like the Frantic Flintstones, the Go-Katz (with an excellent psycho-hillbilly number), the Griswalds (Robbie Robot sounds like a psychobilly version of Devo!) and Spellbound. Less essential are Full Moon Freaks, Shakin’ Bones and Cosmic Voodoo.

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