Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three
  Live In Holland [2012]
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Devil Ain't Lazy -Can't Be Satisfied - Fan It - Brick Thieves - Pack It Up - Ain’t The Same - Walk Your Way Out Of Town - Two-Faced Tom - In The Graveyard - Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight - Cairo, Illinois - Claude Jones - Hard Times Come and Go - La La Blues

Pokey Lafarge and his excellent band, the South City Three (Adam Hoskins on guitar, Joey Glinn on double bass and Ryan Koenig on harmonica, washboard and snare) play a solid mix of ragtime, swing; Piemont blues, jug and hokum bands, early country and western swing. And if I had to add a non-musical influence, I'd say Mark Twain because the Mississipi sweats from almost every note they play. But they're far from being a retro band, they just draw from that heritage and carry on the tradition. No cliches, no tricks, just four honest (and talented) musicians. And the best way to appreciate this is surely the stage and that's why this live album is a welcome addition to their discography that already counts, under that name, two albums, two singles and a couple of apparitions on compilations. "Live In Holland" is a collection of songs that appeared on those releases as well as rarer stuff taken from Pokey's solo releases played in front of a wild and reactive audience (you just have to hear them roar when Pokey plays his kazoo). The sound is very good and the band tight. A good way to discover this band if you don't know them and if you already do, you'll sure want to add it to your collection.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis