The Pleasure Seekers
  What A Way To Die – I Never Thought You’d Leave Me
Norton 45-095
Originally published on Hideout Records this 45’ features a young Suzi Quatro along with her sisters in one of the best female garage rock single ever made. No less. A-side is an ode to teenage drinking opening with a piece of wild youth poetry “Well I love you baby / I’m telling you right here / But please don’t make me decide baby / Between you and a bottle of beer” the ambiance is rapidly set and the chorus is even better “Baby come on over, come on over to my side / well I may not live past twenty-one / but WOO! / what a way to die!” The vocal is aggressive and even if Suzi has now pasted her 21st birthday, you are convinced. Musically, this 2’17" of savagery can proudly stand near your Sonics’ singles. It’s tough to follow such a wild A side, but the flip, though mellower, is equally good. Is has been reissued on cd with a couple more tracks, but this is typically the stuff made for 45’s if you see what I mean.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis