Out Of Luck
  Greetings From Outbackville [2012]
Part Records Part-CD 6100.001;part records
Greetings From Outbackville - 49' Plymouth - Ain't Got No Job - Rockabilly Rocker - Black Kat - Midnight Drive - Johnny Ultracool - Out Of Cash - Josephine - Into The Valley - I Wanna Kill - Psycho Fantasies - Sunrise At The Foggy River - Cruisin' - Rainy Day - Love Is An Expensive Affair - Several Ways To Die

Out of Luck is a terribly good and powerful trio who plays revved-up rockabilly that often borders on old-school psychobilly. This album is a subtle balance between the early recordings of the Meteors, Guana Batz and even Mad Sin and more traditional rockabilly stuff with some Reverend Horton Heat in between. The original songs (all but one) are very well written. The sound is also particularly good with a very natural and warm recording of the double bass (not that horrible sewing machine sound one can too often hear in that style of music). As a bonus they included six live tracks to convince you to see them on stage. It’s good to see bands like Batmobile or Skitzo (to name but two) reform, but this music needs new blood, and with band like Out Of Luck the future seems assured.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis