Mad Sin
Fury F 3019 [1991]
Intro ~ Amphigory ~ Eat Yourself ~ Body Snatchers ~ Alien Bug ~ Buried Alive ~ Vampire Slut ~ 1999 ~ Paranoid Brains ~ Your Death Is My Delight ~ Tornado ~ You Better Run ~ Rockin' Bones ~ Human Fly ~ You Better Run #2 ~ Mind Blow

Third album and last one featuring the original trio with Koefte on drums. They still play their own brand of fast psychobilly, but with a heavier and punkier sound than their first two releases. It could have worked well if the production hadn’t buried everything. The result is that you can barely distinguish the instruments and the voice. Too bad, cause some songs like Amphigory or Your Death Is My Delight are as good as anything you can find on Distorded Dimensions. The cd reissue contains bonus tracks that were not on the original vinyl release.
The Radioactive Kid