Johnny Carlevale and his Rollin' Pins
  That's Life
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Cry Baby - Love Sick Spell - Baby Names - Evening Time - Love Me - I Think I'm Goin' Crazy - Black & Blue Baby - Just One Kiss - The Tunnel Of Love - Tease Me - That's Life - Rollin' Pin Mim - She Gives Me Love - You Better Stop - Madi Jane
Wild, frantic, desperate, that's the words that come to mind when you hear Johnny Carlevale's latest output with his new band The Rollin' Pins (Ace Brown on guitar, Derek Moniz on bass and Jeremy Kroger on drums). The name of the band is an indication of the music you'll hear: raw rockabilly / rock'n'roll in the great tradition of the North Eastern artist like Gene Maltais and the Event label roster like Scotty McKay, Curtis Johnson and of course Ricky Coy who recorded "Rollin' Pin Min" (see That'll Flat Git It vol 20on Bear Family). This song and McKay's Evenin' Time are the only two covers here, the remaining 13 are Rollin' Pins' originals. Carlevale's voice, that I previously knew in a more bluesy vein perfectly suits the genre, reminding sometimes of Billy Lee Riley, and Ace Brown guitar on fire is the perfect complement. More recommended to those who like their rockabilly served hot rather than the Ricky Nelson's afficionados, this album grabs you by... (do I need to say where) from start to finish.
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