Ruby Ann is a name which was sung by Frank Darris and Marty Robbins. This Ruby gal is a lovely Portuguese living actually in France (but feelin’ kinda homesick) and she will not let you remain stonily indifferent.
The “rockabilly chicks” are few in Europe but that that one she can easily handle the job for two! But be careful, even if she‘s little and got a face of a doll she warns you “Im a nice girl with a Latin temper, so dont piss me off and we'll be just fine”! She looks like an angel but she’s a devil in disguise (that one was too easy to be missed!). When she appears on stage and begin to sing the first question you ask yourself is: “How can a so powerful and raging voice come from a so tiny woman”? Cause boy, she‘s a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby” (that one too was inescapable!)
Since 1998, she plays authentic rockabilly crossbred with some honky-tonk (her smooth cover of Faron Young’s “Hear You Talkin' "is just tremendous) around the world; she‘s just getting ready for the Rockabilly Rave and then an United States tour. She has today two albums on her credit with her first band “The Boppin' Boozers” (Boppin like a chicken in Portugal and the second was recorded at Tail Records Honky Tonk Mind).

Hope that this Ruby rockabilly jewel is gonna shine for a long long time!

by Dave "Long Tall" Phisel and Fred "Virgil" Turgis

How did you get started ?
I use to sing alot just for fun and a friend (my guitar player from the Boppin Boozers) told me I had a good voice and i could try something, so I did! We practice for 2 months for our first gig! but i never thought it could become more serious. Then a month later we were at hemsby and I try the talent show, well, i didnt win hehehehe but Henk (from Amsterdam ) was in charge of gigs at the Cruise Inn ask me if we wanted to play there!3 months later we were in our first tour in Europe!

Did you grow up in a musical family ?
My father played guitar for Fado ( tradicional portuguese music) and Mon use to sing also in a traditional portuguese band!Dad try to make me learn piano but my teacher was an old crazy man, only lasted 3 months!

Do you remember the first record you bought and/or the one that made you think "Woahhh, that’s what I want to do !"
well i decided to sing when i was already 20, so i had the records and i knew the music, but the one that made me feel that way i must say Patsy Cline!

What are your influences as a singer and a songwriter ?
i wish i could have the voice of Patsy Cline, i keep talking about her because it was the first female voice that really impressed me! maybe she is an influence but theres so many good voices. its hard to say where my influences come when you hear so many things. For a songwriter, hahaha, well, i wrote a few songs that i didnt had the nerves to play in a show! maybe one of this days...

What about your band, where do they come from, were they in other bands before ?
Well, the Boppin Boozers were all very good portuguese friends. The guitar player and the drummer use to have bands in Portugal. Nuno (my best friend in the world) use to play upright bass with the Tenessee Boys!

Do you remember the first show you played ?
Sure I do! hahaha: I was so nervous. It was in Porto, Portugal! All my friends were there, waiting to see if i was any good. its was packed. it went pretty well, everybody enjoy it. Off the record: I end up the night fighting with a guy that stolled my beer!hahahaha

Does it change something being a woman on the rockabilly scene, is it harder ?
At start it was kinda easy to get shows, cause i was a little portuguese girl and people were curious i think. people always told me i had a good voice, bla bla... but at the same time it was hard to be taking serious. maybe because i wasent very serious nether.

Don’t you think that things change, that we see more and more rockabilly women (Marti Brom, Josie Kreuzer, Kim Lenz, Cari Lee…) than 15 years ago ?
Sure, when i first started there were a few girls singing! now you have bands all over with girls singing and doin wonderfull things. They are proving that women can rock!! I'm just piss at my self that i stop singing for 2 years. Now i have to start all over again!

About your albums,how many are they?
The Boppin Boozers and me recorded 2 albums: the first one in Portugal Boppin like a chicken and the second was recorded at Tail Records Honky Tonk Mind.

Were they done live in studio?
Yep, old fashion way!

What is the most memorable gigs you played and/or went to ?
Ho gosh, so many! That i played: most recently : Green Bay (april 2005), it was our first time in US and people loved the show, i felt good about it cause it was my first gig after a year. when i left the stage i had that thing in me telling me i couldnt stop! Also because it was the last show with the Boppin Boozers! Then a few shows in Portugal, where you get to see all your friends together. it was like a huge private party! The ones i saw: well i saw a few, but the one that comes to my mind is the last time i saw Ronnie Dawson at the rockabilly rave. everybody knew he was dying so it was a very emotional moment!

When can we expect a new release?
Hahaha, dont know! I've got some projects and propositions but nothing serious for the moment!lets wait and see!

A last word ?
Like the Boppin Boozers always used to say: "If you wanna find the band search for the nearest bar."