How,when and where did the Two Timin' Three get to meet Bloodshot Bill?
The Two Timin' Three : We met at a show in Salem, MA at "The Hootenany In The Hills," we saw Bloodshot Bill for the fist time and were floored by the amount of energy and passion for the music he loves that shines through when he plays. You just don't see anyone like that today, everyone either fakes it, or just mimics someone else. Aside from that he's a hell of a nice guy and our friendship kinda started from that point on.

Did you decided to create a band straight away ?
The Two Timin' Three : Well when we were in vegas earlier this year, we were all hangin' out and Bill was sayin' he was gonna be coming through Austin Texas soon on tour, so we kind of made plans to record something on our one-track recorder... not knowing it was going to turn out as wild as it did!

Who are you influenced by?
The Two Timin' Three : As for us, The Two Timin' Three, no one person or band has a direct influence, "inspired by" suits us better... from artists like Duke Ellington, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Les Paul, Merle Travis, Hoagy Carmichael, The Cats & The Fiddle, Django, Cindy Walker... etc.
Bloodshot Bill: I listen mainly to old roots music

Who are the songwriters? How many songs have you got already? What kind of style?Only raw rockabilly?
The Two Timin' Three : Well we recorded 11 songs, covers and originals.. We reworked The Two Timin' Three song "Where'd You Sleep Last Night", Shane & Eric wrote one song "Let's Go Bongo", we covered songs by Dean Martin, Willie Dixon, Benny Joy, Conway Twitty & Sean Mencher among a few others we just combined elements of rockabilly, garage, country and rock'n'roll. Basically all these songs were performed without an ounce of practice, before Bill arrived we had no idea what we were going to play. So we were just hangin out and someone would have an idea of a song, then wed listen to it a few times then recorded it unrehearsed... and "Let's Go Bongo" was written on the way to the music store to get some new reels. overall some of the tracks took a couple takes but some of them was just one take.

What about recording all these songs? Have you already found a label? The Two Timin' Three : We had no idea before we recorded anything if it was even gonna be decent enough to listen to on a CD. After we mixed it though it sounded pretty wild, so we put them up on myspace and got an good responce from folks.

What about some gigs in Europe?
The Two Timin' Three : No gigs planned as of now but were trying to figure out when a good time to put together a package tour, of course in America first.. then Europe though.

What about the future plans for the Two Timin' Three? And the plans for Bloodshot Bill?(I heard about an album made for a french label, is it true???)
The Two Timin' Three : Well as for us we have a new album "Payin' The Price" coming out this month which were really excited about, & Bloodshot Bill has a new album "Trashy, Greasy, Rockin' 'Billy!" coming out as well.. Soon we will release these recordings on a label, could be french, could be german, english, American, Icelandic...??? Then we might do some touring together in the near future... So lookout!

Have you got some ideas about creating other bands with some other people?
The Two Timin' Three : The chemisty between Bill and us works pretty naturally. Whenever you have a blast playing AND it sounds good, thats when good music is made... However after doing this it makes you wander what else you can create.

What are your today favorite bands?
The Two Timin' Three : For The Two Timin' Three: we really admire Sean Mencher, Sean Young, Wayne Hancock, Big Sandy, Deke, Jimmy Sutton, and whatever bands they happen to be playing in at the time... maybe a few others.
Bloodshot Bill: Dex Romweber Duo and, uh, i dunno...

A last word?
The Two Timin' Three : Were honored to have been asked to do this interview, and we thank everyone who supports us and gives us the opportunity to do what we love...