I'd like to know what was the first record you've heard that had an impact on you and where did you hear it. And if it's not the same which one influenced your choice to be a musician and choose the bass?
I had 7 older brothers so I heard a lot of their records like Beatle, Beach Boys, Sam The Sham and Motown stuff. I also heard a lot of big band music like Glenn Miller an Woody Herman ( Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan too) from my dad's record collection.

Do you remember the first record you bought by yourself
It was a 45 of Photograph by Ringo Starr. I bought it for 69 cents at the Navy Exchange on the 32nd St. Naval base in San Diego where I grew up. I still have it and play it from time to time. It's a great song.

What makes the music of the Pigs so rich is the various styles and the mix of blues, tex mex, country, rockabilly etc. How did you discover all that things. Family, friends, by yourself?
I was exposed to many different music styles growing up I heard it all. I have to give credit to Doug Sahm for making me see the light of how all the different styles could be blended together.

As a musician I suppose you're a heavy consumer of music, but are you a collector? Is this just the music or are you looking for the "object" too?
I collect vinyl, even 78's I have a couple of 78 players and a jukebox that plays 45's I still think vinyl sounds better than CD's I have never downloaded a song from the internet. (I don't sit in front of my computer and listen to music)

What is the weirdest record you own?
You pushed me a little bit too far by Ferlin Husky

Do you have a record in your collection, nobody could ever suspect you to own, some kind of "guilty pleasure"?
I have a few Partrige Family records

And the one you have but everytime you see it you say "what did I have in mind when I bought it?"
I have a record by Divine (the transvestite from the John Waters films)

What is the album you could listen ever and ever? Your "desert island record"?
There are a lot. Pet Sounds, Abbey Road, anything by Sir Doug

Did you hear or see on stage a band that litteraly blew you recently?
We played with a band (I think we were in Florida) called
The Packway Handle Band. They were cool

A last word?
I'm working on a new CD that I hope to have finished by the summer. I'm not sure what the future will bring as far as touring. The cost of gas has made it impossible for me to tour the way I used to but I'll be around!