The Greyhounds
  Story of our life
Part Rec. 645.003 [2010]
Der Rhythmus - All The Time - Rockin' Stone - You Wanna Leave Me - Heart Of A Fool - Why Do You Treat Me This Way - Story Of My Life - Mean Red Spider - Curly Hair - At The Bar - Run Chicken Run - Rockin' With Me Baby - Devil's Race - The Munsters.

If neo-rockabilly is your bag, the latest Greyhounds platter is definitely for you. It features nine originals and five covers (Link Wray, Sleepy Labeef, Jerry Capeheart, Leroy Davis). Their sound takes you directly to the 80's and reminds me of the best band of the era. But you can't reduce them to just one style. You'll hear a song or two that borders early psychobilly, sizzling instrumentals (Run Chicken Run and the Monsters - often covered but this one stands among the best), authentic sounding rockabilly (All the Time, Rockin' Stone), blues (Story Of My Life) and some country influences too (You Wanna Leave Me). A well played (excellent guitar interplay) and varied album with good originals.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis