The Gazmen
  Vinyl Japan JRT9
Rigormortis Rock - Teenage Operation - Kid From Mars - Ace Of Heart
This ep came out in 1996. The Gazmen were formed around the charismatic personnality of Gary "Gaz" Day, known for his collaboration with many influential bands, notably The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks, The Nitros, The Caravans without forgetting his stint with popstar (and rockabilly afficionado) Morrissey, whose influence can be heard on the last track of this ep. The rest of the band was basically The Sharks with the addition of Morrissey's guitarist, Alain Whyte. They played a traditionnal psychobilly close to the Sharks (not very surprising) and the early Meteors, Day's voice reminding the great Nigel Lewis, but with a fuller sound. The song Rigormortis Rock was first released by Alan Wilson (who wrote it ) under the band name of The Space Cadets (not to be confused with Mouse's band) around 1984 on the Nervous compilation Hell's Bent on Rocking. Some of these songs were also part of the set when Gary was in the Sharks. More songs were recorded but never saw the light of day. The line-up later evolved, including Pug from the Frantic Flintstones and Stuart from the Guana Batz. You can only regret they never released a full album.
This ep has been re-released on cd in 2000 on the american Rock It label but is also out of print. This four songs are now available on the Anagram compilation album Rockin' With Morrissey's sidemen. You can buy and download the original version of Rigormortis Rock on the
Nervous website.
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