the Flea Bops
Gotta Bop [2009]
Vinylux V0011
My Babe - Crackerjack - Rattlesnake Kiss - Gotta Bop - Jakes Juice - Everybody Wants To Steal My Girl

This 10" - six songs mini album opens with two covers, a rockabilly rendition of Little Walter's My Babe and Joe Clay's Crackerjack (sung by Wendy). The third song of the side is an original written by Ronnie that sounds like an unissued take by Johnny Burnette Rock'n'roll trio with frantic vocals and screams. The three songs of the XXX side are all originals. Gotta Bop is a hot... bopper penned by bassist Wendy Lebeau, Jake's Juice is a strong rockabilly number and Everybody Wants To Steal My Girl is a superb hillbilly bop, both written by Joyner.
Another killer release from the Flea Bops!

Git To Gittin' [2005]
Vinylux V0008
Git to Gittin' - Drivin' Home - I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry - Get On Home - Railroad Tracks - Too Hot For Me - Long Gone Love - You'd Be Thinking of Me - Skull and Crossbones - Hardball Boogie - I Was a Fool - Has the Devil Gotten You? - Goodbye Lonesome - So Good, So Right - Long Blonde Hair

Their second album is a s good if not better than the previous one. Joyner confirms his status of one of today's best rockabilly songwriter. He penned 8 songs for this albums and Lance one. The remaining songs are covers of Wynonie Harris, Carl Perkins (a big influence on the band), Johnny Powers, Johnny Horton, Sparkle Moore, and Shirley & Lee (with a great duet between Ronnie and Wendy). Wendy sings lead on Skull and Crossbones (also available on her side project Wendy and Her Beaus). No possibility of disapointement with this band, this is rockabilly as it sould be done!

I'm ready [2000]
Vinylux V0005
I'm Ready - Who's That Knockin'? - Heart's On Fire - You Can Do No Wrong - So Long, Farewell, Goodbye - What's She Gonna Do - I've Had Enough - Rock It - Believe In Me - Tears Today, Gone Tomorrow - Good Time Woman - Little Bit More - You're Undecided - Hey Little Honey - Train Of Loneliness
Debut album for a band too often overlooked. This guys and girl deserve more credit. Ronnie Joyner's originals sound like long lost fifties recordings and drummer's Lance Lebeau contribution "Hey Little Honey" ain't bad either. The production and the sound are just perfect. If you dig Carl Perkins, Johnny Horton, Johnny Burnette you don't want to miss this one.

  Good Time Woman b/w I'm Ready
Vinylux V0003
Debut single for this quartet made of Ronnie Joyner (vocals, rhythm guitar), Preston Lebeau (electric guitar) his brother Lance (drums) and Lance's wife, Wendy on double bass. Two sizzling hot rockabilly tunes with a striong Carl Perkins/Johnny Burnette influence. Great.