Es feiv
  Cows In Motion
Kix 4U
The Prisoner - No Comin' Back - Brand New Cadillac - Heart Breakin' Days - She Turns Me On - Ain't Takin' No Train - Everything She Says -Move Your Buds - Be My Baby Tonight - Vendetta - Real Good Time - Cretin Hop - Gimme Your Love - Cows In Motion
I recently rediscovered this album (originally released in 1989) and though it's not entirely good, it contains enough excellent moment to interest any Psychobilly maniac especially those who are into what is now called "old-school Psychobilly" (I don't like the term but I believe that everyone understand what it means). So what about Es-Feiv? It's a mix of good ol' psychobilly, neo rockabilly and more average material. The sound is reminiscent of that era (light guitar, upright bass to the fore and simple but effective drums). Among the best tune you'll find "Heartbreakin' Days" (with a sax), "Brand New Cadillac" (inspired by the ricochets version), "Real Good Time" (an excellent neo-rockabilly tune with a little "rock this Town" feel in it), "Cows In Motion" (an psychobilly version of a Ennio Morricone tune) and a couple of others (No Comin' Back). On the other side their cover of The Ramones' Cretin Hop (a reminiscence of their Punk days?) is poor, but it's hard to compete with the original, and some other songs are just fillers, and though the light production works on the good stuff, it reveals the flaws of the less succesful material. A mini lp with 8 songs would have been more efficient.
The Radioactive Kid