Cyclone [1989 - reissue 2007]

The First Of The Cyclone Men
The Devil Is Knocking On My Coffin - Psyclone Shock - Bates Motel - Doctor Cyclone - Jungle Cat - Telegram Sam - Lonely Zombie - Funny Toy - Freddy Is Back

Cyclone was one of the first, if not the first, psychobilly band in Italy. Their brand of psychobilly is typical of the late 80's with influences from Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, early Coffin Nails, Batfinks etc. with distorted guitars, fast slap bass and raspy vocals. It's very well played and better recorded than many albums from the same era. And even if it's not always very original (you find the usual zombie, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates lyrics and the melodies are a bit repetitive), they had the good idea to keep it short (9 songs), so in the end this album works fairly well.
The Radioactive Kid