The Cavemen
  Stone Age beat
Count Orlock Records
Living Dead - Haunted House - Silver Surfer - Stone Age Beat (Wilma) - Wilderella - Is It Over - The Car - Devils Road - Vampire - Indian Style - Jericho - One More Chance - Do Do Ta Ta - Don't Need A Job
Drowned in the mass of psychobilly releases in the late 80's, this too often overlooked album deserves to be rediscovered today.The Cavemen play a very pleasant kind of soft psychobilly that is still very anchored in its "billy" roots, quite similar to their compatriots of Batmobile and Archie. The songs are good and varied, helped in that by the presence of two lead singers. Particularly good are "Stone Age Beat" (that quotes the Flintstones theme), "Silver Surfer" and "One More Chance" a humoristic slow number with outrageously fake cries .
Very enjoyable if not revolutionnary.
The Radioactive Kid