Buck Stevens

Dance Floor Favorites
Wild Hare Records
Baby Makin Baby - Bop and Shake - I Wont Be Your Fool - Be Bop Gal - I Tried - You Better Leave - Hot Rod Ford - Mama Said - What Do I Gotta Do - My Heart Holds a Picture of You - Read Between The Lines Laurie Loo - The Hawaian Song - Rock With My Baby - Fancy Pants - Thats Right Baby
Some records are harder to review than others.Take Buck Stevens' latest output on Wild Hare. What can I say about it but "Excellent, go buy it NOW !". Man, what a drag, I believe I'll have to check my dictionnary of synonims... Seriously this record is... excellent (I told ya!). It gathers sides from his previous recordings (cd's and ep) as well as some unissued stuff. I could tell you that you can hear the influence of Johnny Burnette and the rock'n'roll trio (Bop and Shake), Hank Williams (I Won't Be Your Fool) and Elvis (I Tried), but it wouldn't give you an accurate portrait of this talented guy. And most of all it would leave apart a whole side of his music: his personality. Combined with first class songwriting and the great sound we're now used to expect from Wild Hare, it just gives you a rare and precious album.
If you like your rockabilly raw, exciting with a dash of hillbilly bop, Buck Stevens is your man.
Available at cdbaby and Wild Hare Records.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis