Boom Boom Cats
  Tell Me Who... Told You 'Bout Lovin'' [2005]
Vinylux V0006
Tell Me Who - The Opening Act - Crazy Crazy Lovin' - Rooster in a Henhouse - Everytime That Record Plays - Right String Baby But The Wrong Yoyo - Two Bop - Long Time - Go Go Go - It's Raining Tonight - Diamonds

The Boom Boom Cats were from Baltimore, Maryland and consisted of Eddie MacIntosh on vocals, Mark Pettijohn on drums, Lee Verzosa on double Bass and Joe (last name unknown) on guitar. Their album was issued on Vinylux Lance and Wendy LeBeau's label. Lance also recorded it, and I guess it's one of the reason why you can hear similarities with the sound of the Flea Bops. And I suppose that these guys share the same influences (Perkins, Burnette, Joe Clay...). They do great justice to Johnny Carroll's Crazy Crazy Lovin', Carl Perkins' Right String Baby But The Wrong Yoyo and Roy Orbison's Go Go Go, but they really shine on their own material written by MacIntosh, whose voice is another thing that make the difference with many other rockabilly acts.
After the band folded, MacIntosh and Pettijohn stayed together and formed the Garnet Hearts.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis