The Blue Cat Trio / The Blue Cats
The Norton Spirit [2013]
Bluelight Records BLR 45102 7
The Norton Spirit (The Dazza Mix) - The Norton Spirit (The Dazza Mix Radio Edit)  - The Tunnel (Live) -  Casting My Spell (Live)

Best Dawn Yet ! [2012]
Bluelight Records BLR
Billy Ruffians - The Norton Spirit - Turn My Back On You - Blue Prairie - My Dark Dark Mind - Badon Hill - Long Road Home - Captain Blood - Burnette - Following Ahab - Secret Agent Man - Lonesome Desperado

Billy Ruffians – Gotta Go [2012]
Bluelight Records BLR 45102 7

The Re-discovered Masters 1978 -1984  [1994]
Count Orlock C.O.C.K. XXIII
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Jumps Giggles and Shouts - Mystery Train - I'll Never Let You Go - The Saint's Rock 'n 'Roll - Gotta Git A-Goin' - Baby's Number One - I've Got No Time For You - Gotta Go - Left Out - Eldorado - The Master's Call.

The Tunnel [1992]
Nervous NERCD069
Man With A Mission - Galluping Man - Casting My Spell - The Tunnel - Heavens Gate - Cry On The Wind - Car 76 - Take And Give - Bad Mans Money - Wild Dogs Of Kentucky - Rivers Bend - All I Can Do Is Cry

Early Days [1983]
Nervous NERD 010/NERD 011 - NERCD010
The South Rebels: Tennessee border - South Rebel boogie / Blue Cat Trio: Dancing doll - Well I knocked and I knocked - Goofin' around - Rockabilly boogie - I sure miss you / Little Tony & The Tennessee Rebels: Slap that bass #1 - The turkey song - Frankfurt special - Sweet Caroline - Crazy catfish - Roll on baby -  Baby's number one / The South Rebels: Matchbox - Rockin' daddy / Blue Cat Trio: Rock therapy - I flipped - Pink and black - Sittin' on top of the world - B-i-bickey-bi bo-bo-go / Little Tony & The Tennessee Rebels: Honey hush -. Slap that bass #2 - Ten little women - Blue moon - Rock the barn - Crawdad hole - Idle on parade

  Fight Back [1981]
Rockhouse ROCKCD 8111
Fight back - Hot & cold - Tired & sleepy - Love me - Jump cat jump - Up a lazy river - Who stole my blue suede shoes - Who slapped John - Wild night - Thunder & lightning - Life fast die young - Made for rockin' - Slippin' in - Idle on parade - Birth of the boogie - Everybody's rockin'

By the end of 1980 the Blue Cats found themselves in need of a bassist and a singer after the departure of Dave Phillips. They quickly recruited Mitch Caws and Clint Bradley both from The Tennessee Rebels and started to work right away. From that moment they started to experiment and write new material with a more modern edge. Released in 1981 Fight Back is representative of that era.
Half of the album reminds the "old" Blue Cats with covers of the Cochran Brothers, Gene Vincent, Eddie Bond, The Phantom, Marvin Rainwater, that are probably here to satisfy the label who didn't want to make a big departure from their successful previous. The other half is by far the most interesting with six neo-rockabilly jewels, sometimes close to early psychobilly, written by Bradley.
One can only regret the light production on some of this tracks and wonder how it would have sounded with more studio time.
Almost three decades later, "Fight Back" remains a key album of the early 80's and a huge influence on numerous bands.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis

Love Me – Made For Rockin’ [1981]
Rockhouse SP 8107

Wild Night – Jump Cat Jump [1981]
Rockhouse SP 8103

The Blue Cats   [1980]
Rockhouse LPL 8011
Just Go Wild Over Rock 'n' Roll - I'm Gonna Die - Pretty Pretty Baby - I Dreamed You Left Me - Southbound Blues - Boogie Uproar - Five Days Five Days - I'm Driving Home - Teenage Party - Sweet Love On My Mind - Caldonia - I Sure Miss You - Jumpin' Little Mama - Juke Joint Jem - Surefire Way - Goofin' Around

I'm Gonna Die - I'm Driving Home [1980]
Charly / Rockhouse

The Blue Cat Trio – Red Hot EP [1979]
Red Hot REP1001
Dancing doll - Well I knocked - Rock therapy - Goofin' around

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