Big Rig Deluxe
  Semi-garage Band
Scram Hippie SH000-123
Act naturally – Muse – E Ticket Ride – That’s Allright Mama – Folsom Prison Blues – Whiskeytown Blues – Texas Swing – Trouble On My Mind – That Means You Love Him – Hey Good Lookin’ – Six Days On The Road
Built around the personality of Johnny d’Artennay, formerly of Hot Rod Lincoln, and some accomplished musicians, Big Rig Deluxe is a cool band you’d love to see play in a bar near you with a beer in hand. This is what you can – almost – get with this live cd. (you just have to bring the beer). How to define their sound? Well think about something like Honky Tonk – Bakersfieldabilly and you’ll be close. Their set is made of classic covers (Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams) and originals mostly written by d’Artenay. This guy knows how to write good songs, and he also knows how to sing them, with a voice sounding a bit like Chris Isaak meets Johnny Cash. The Man in Black seems to be an obvious influence when you hear “Whiskeytown Blues” and its trademark “boo-chicka-boom” rhythm (provided by the great Hal Smith) and this simple but effective guitar solo. Steel guitar player Robin Henkel brings a touch of western swing here and there and especially on his own instrumental “Texas Swing” where he trades licks with guitarist Jon Harford. “Six Days On The Road” end perfectly the show (it could have been longer). If you like real country music (not the pre-digested stuff you can hear on radio) played by guys who are not afraid to sweat, this one will sure please you.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis