As Diabatz
  Riding trough Devil's hill
Woman in white - Necrolove - Psychomad Mary - Wide awake - Under my own spell - Riding trough Devil's hill - Witches stomp - We ain't no Psychobitches - Summertime Booze - I don't worry about it

This young trio of Brazilian girls with their old school psychobilly made me feel 16 again. All the elements are here: light guitar, rockabilly snare and a solid beat provided by the double bass. They sound like the little sisters (even daughter) of Dypsomaniaxe but with a darkish side. You can also hear the influence of the Krewmen and there's a definitive Meteors touch (Wreckin' Crew era) most notably on the instrumental "Ridin' Through The Devil's Hill" and of course their cover of "I don't Worry About It". But they never sound like a re-creation or something and always keep a fresh approach. Their songs are very well written and never too fast and most of all, they keep the "billy" in psychobilly. Excellent production work too!
The Radioactive Kid