Mac Curtis

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  Rollin Rock Recordings 1 [reissue 2012]
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Big D Women - Baby Let's Play House - Heartbreakin' Mama - Fannie Mae - Sidetrack Mama - Holdin' On - Good Rockin' Tonight - Amarillo Killer - Hot Rocks - Crazy Crazy Lovin' - Wild Wild Women - You Hurt Me - Sexy Ways - Good Rockin' Tomorrow - Wake Up Rock'n'roll Rock-A-Baby - Hard Hearted Girl - Party Line - Turn To Me - For Your Love - Rockabilly Uprising - Been Gone A Long Time - Juice Box - Gone Out Of My Mind - Wildcat Tamer - Let's Go

Mac Curtis is a true Rockabilly legend and in my humble opinion he recorded some of the very best sides of the genre. In 1972 he got in touch with the no-less legendary Ronnie Weiser of Rollin’ Rock and Ray Campi (the full story is explained in the very informative booklet featuring notes by Mac Curtis himself) to make some new Rockabilly recordings.
The first album to result from those sessions was Ruffabilly on which he’s backed by Campi (dobro, guitar, bass), Steve Bailey (drums) and Jimmie Lee Maslon on harmonica for one track. This is superior Rockabilly music, especially if you replace it in the period (the 70’s) with powerful slap bass and at the time with the exception of Charlie Feathers very few could come closer to the real thing than Mac Curtis. The liner notes explain why there are three Johnny Carroll tunes on that album: Campi and Curtis believed that the singer had died and wanted to pay homage to him.
The second album included here is “Good Rockin’ Tomorrow” and is equally good with Campi playing all the instruments and Billy Zoom (X) guesting on saxophone. In all you have 25 recordings that are 25 little rockabilly gems that deserve to be in anyone’s collection. They also show the importance of Mac Curtis and Rollin Rock on the European scene in the 70’s from the Teddy Boys to the burgeoning psychobilly scene.

Fred "Virgil" Turgis