Janis Martin
  The Blanco Session
Cow Island Music - CIM020

As Long As I'm Movin - Wham Bam Jam - Long White Cadillac - Wild One - It'll Be Me - Sweet Dreams - Find Out What's Happening - I Believe What You Say - Roll Around Rockin' - Oh Lonesome me - Walks Softly On This heart Of Mine

After years of hard labour, Rosie Flores finally managed tot ake Janis Martin back in a recording studio to cut new material. Thus, in just two days of April 2007, backed by a cast of stellar musicians from Austin (Dave Biller, Sarah Brown, T Bonta, Beau Sample, Johnatan Doyle...) she recorded eleven tracks co-produced by Bobby Trimble. This album should have been Martin's comeback album, sadly the singer succumbed to cancer shortly after the sessions.
All those who were lucky enough to see Martin on stage in the recent years can testify that she aged terribly well. This album confirms that, and like Ronnie Dawson I'd be tempted to say that this recent recordings are even better than her 50's sides. Her voice had gained a deeper tone. The material recorded covered a wide range of styles, from blues to country, rhythm'n'blues to rock'n'roll with plenty of rockabilly in between.
The passing of such a great artist was an incomparable loss, but courtesy to the effort of Miss Flores, we have this album which is the best way to remember her, among musicians who loved her and doing what she did best.

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Fred "Virgil" Turgis