Rumble in The Jungle
Enviken Records EnRec 129
Space Race / Ready To Go / Please, Please Don't Go / Jump High / Hi-Boy Roadster / Wild Wild Lover / Mad About Me / Honky Tonk Woman / You're The One / Rockin' My Bones / Whoa Boy / Hillbilly House / Teenage Wolfpack / Big Bad Boogie / The Cat
Listen to me folks!
There’s a danger creepin’
It’s here, all around us and we ignore it :
The temperatures are raisin’ and gettin’ nuts
What’s accountable of that radical change or who should I say?
I’m able to reveal you the naked truth
The guilty is a gang from Denmark!!
I can almost guess what you‘re thinking right now. Don’t cheat , here is what your inside voice is tellin’ you “That poor guy is a total jerk! I admit that the weather is gettin’ crazy and warmin’ up but no way that Long Tall bastard is gonna make me swallow kinda bullshit! But be prepared to apologise for such bad thoughts cause I’m totally right .I’ve got some compelling evidences Just listen to me
A Copenhagen three guy rockabilly combo named Wild Wax Combo (what a great bandname!) has been working in Scandinavia since 1996 but also in, Germany, Holland and USA. with the objective of raising dangerously the endurable temperature for decent humans. Let me introduce you these “wanted” terrorists? First of all, René. His weapons ? :A slappin' bass he sets on fire while playing and his psychotic vocals Then Mikael known as the “boxes beater” who kills you with his swinging sticks and his cumstom-made drumkit. André aka the hot picker, be careful of his cheap guitar, in fact it’s a real machine gun .These dangerous guys with the help of a crime syndicate organisation known by the name of Enviken Records have already committed four criminal albums : 'Jungle Fever', 'Hot Rod Doll', 'Ready To Go' and the last one ”Rumble in the Jungle” that I’m gonna tell you more about right now
This fourteen tracks will set your recorder on fire with his solid wild garage rockabilly beat and the poison will spread to your legs and arms and then your head will be shakin’ furiously, while your brain will be corrupted by lyrics about Hot Rods, perverted women called “babes” or “mamas” with names such as “Betty”, “Suzie Q”, “Baby Lou” or “Miss Froggie” Your now dried mouth will call for alcohol and your soul will irreparably be lost and sullied by sins. I beseech you brothers, wake up and open your eyes and your ears don’t let these dannish good for nothing guys spoiled our earth with their “settin the wood on fire” music.
Amen !
Reverend Long Tall David