Driving It Home
Rocka-Phonic Records
The Ace of Spades - Move Around - That's What Daddy Wants - Slow Down - Spoonful - I Smell a Rat - Johnny Law - Coming Home - Move It On Over - Just Because
Rusty Rookes, is australian guy and was lead vocalist with The Dancehall Racketeers and The Machismo’s. This first album (not the most recent one which is called “Sparks Fly Out”) is mastered by Ian Speller (from the british band Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax) who holds the Guitar & Slap Bass in the Rusty’s Rocka-Phonics band as well with Smudge Smith (guitar and keyboards) and Philip Toby Tomanov (drums ) from Primal Scream (yes, you read it well the 1988-94 drummer for that worldwide known garage punk-house band whatever you can call that s…). This album made up of only 10 covers is short and good but sometimes sounds to me too much as a well executed school exercise. Most of the covers such as “Ace Of Spades” (a “Motorhead” track which is now a very trendy one), the Wayne Hancock’s “That’s What Daddy Wants” and “Johnny Law” as well as “Move It On Over” are really good country ones with a swingin’ flavour and there’s also shakin’ rockabillies with “I’m Comin’ Home” and “Just Because” but the whole album sounds a little flabby. Maybe it’s the fault of two lengthy, misfiring and following tracks in the middle of the album : first, an anemic “Slow Down” (especially when you compare to the nuclear Larry Williams orginal) along with a not enough biting Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” Unfortunately, it was enough time for me (more than eight minutes) to take a nap The Young Jessie’s “I Smell A Rat”, my favourite track woke me up and suddenly increase the temperature.
Listening to some samples of Rusty’ second album it sounds to me more nervous and polished. So let’s consider this album like it should be : a first try, a warm-up for before the real stuff begins… I’m now very curious to hear that “Sparks Fly Out”

Dave "Long Tall" Phisel