I Ain't Ready
Wild Records RDST 0002
Rock all night - Come on back to me - I ain't ready - Graveyard bound - Mama she's red hot - So glad you're mine - Broken heart - Flip your lid - Maryanne - Where did you stay last night - Boppin' around - Mean mama blues - Come on little mama
Do you the name of one of the best today rockabilly band ? No?!
So let me introduce you to Rusty and the Dragstrip Trio , an western australian combo from Perth (like Johnny Law & his Pistol Packin’ Dadddies).They have just released their second full length CD for the californian Wild Records (the first one self-produced was called “ Playin’ For You”) and you can trust me that one is gonna thrill you.
For those of you who still regret the late Darren “Lucky” Lee Spears and his Go Cat Go band or the Paul Ansell’s Blue Rhythm Boys , Rusty and his guys(Matt Lead Guitar, Rhys Sticks and Skins and Richie Doghouse Bass) are “chip off their old blokes”. While listening to this five star album I couldn’t keep on thinkin’ how much the Russell voice (aka Rusty) sounds sometimes similar to Darren‘s one (particularly on “I Ain’t Ready “ a real good jivin’rockabilly and “Mama She’s Red Hot“ ).
But this band has got his own personnality with 8 songwritten on a 13 tracks total and a very and energetic brand .with different flavours. Firstly, you’ll hear some savage Sun rockabilly covers with an excellent Glenn Honeycutt’s“Rock All Night”, Jack Earl’s Maryanne and two Ray Harris’ killers“Come On Little Mama” and “Where’Did You Stay Last Night”. There ‘s also a touch of blues with Arthur Crudup’s “So Glad Your Mine” (done in the Presley style) a bottleneckin’ “Mean Mama Blues”and a mexican crepuscular mid-tempo ballad “Graveyard Bound” in a “Midnight Train”vein.“Boppin’ Around” one of their self-made is correctly named : it‘s made for you boppin’ around the dancefloor!
Their cover of the Moonlighters ’“Broken Heart”, which is a today “bravery” classic for any “serious” rockabilly band is among the best I ever heard
Be careful after the “Come On Little Mama” storm, there is a fourtheen hidden peaceful track dedicated to their friend Tyson Feifar leader from the Salt Flat Trio killed in a car accident on May 13th 2006 : Rusty takes is acoustic guitar for a great Hank Williams’ “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”cover
Rusty and his gang will be on the next Viva Las Vegas weekender so catch’em there, you won’t regret it!
David "Long Tall" Phisel