Taggy Tones - Unplugged, Unreleased, Unexploited
Raycous Records RAUCD165
Saint & A Sinner - Rockabilly Girl These Boots Are Made For Walking Rockabilly Rebel - Rebel Yell - This Little Girl - His Latest Flame Folsom Prison Blues - Insane - Big Fat Stella - If Only You Knew - Memories Keep On Haunting Me - Pink & Black - Crazy Kid - C’mon Johnny 501 - Crazy Love - Blue Suede Shoes Tutti Frutti - Nutbush City Limits Run Rudolf Run - Don’t EverTrust A Girl
Very good compilation of totally new material from this Danish neo-rockabilly combo. Tracks 1 to 6 are taken from a radio show and are recorded unplugged. These six songs worth the price of this album alone. Do you remember Restless’ unplugged songs on their “Rarities” cd, these ones are as good. Acoustic guitar, slap bass and brushed snare. Great version of Matchbox “Rockabilly Rebel” and even better is Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. Idol seems to be a favourite of rockabillies and psychobillies as he was heavy covered troughout the years. Lost Souls did “Dancing With Myself”, The Ricochets did “King Rocker” and recently Union Avenue played a fine version of “White Wedding”. “Saints & Sinners” is not The Long Tall Texans one but a Taggy Tones original. The second part are unreleased and alternate takes from the “Rockin’” album. They kept the same tempo for “Memories Keep On Haunting Me” but this version has no whistling and the voice is different. Hard to choose between the two versions, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy both. Tracks 13 to 17 are demos of songs that will appear on their “Viking Attack” album and are produced by Kim Nekroman. It’s no wonder to hear on “Crazy Kid” a typical Nekromantix backing vocal. A few live songs complete the set, with various guest on saxophone, trumpet (great rendition of Tutti frutti à la Sonny Burgess) and various guest singer. The last song on this cd is a beautiful piece of rockabilly with just the voice, a light guitar and a strong slap bass. And, according to the liner notes, it’s only a rehearsal. A very well crafted record with various moods, sounds and stuff that will delight every Taggy Tones fans and gain them lot of new supporter.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis
    Phil Trigwell. Boogie Woogie Cowboy -Rhythm Bomb Records
RBR 5643

Phil Trigwell is an englishman who lives since 1971 in Sweden. His career really began in 1993 with his group the Deputies and his albums for the german Tessy Records. Then he will often change his musicians and labels signing with Tail Records, Enviken Records and Armadillo Records. Here is returning to Tessy Records for a new album (not that new cause the tracks were recorded in 2003 but never released before) distributed by Rhythm Bomb Records. Phil shares the instruments with A.J.Hakwinson (can an sole guy be called a band? Tough Phil is accompanied by “the Los Bandhaghos”!!) for that “Boogie Woogie Cowboy” 18 titles’album, a talented blend of western-swing, hillbilly and rockabilly played in a very easy-going style, with a lot of pickin’, the kind of relaxed way that only the self assured musicians can afford! This album is well-balanced between Phil’s excellent self-penned songs (seven of them) and covers (sometimes very different than the originals) as for example "Freight Train Boogie" (Scott, Nobar), "Since You Went Away to School" (N Petty), "Sugar Moon" (B Wills), "No good Lover"(Baker, Vanderpool), “Hillbilly Express" (Garland, Collie) “Travelling Light” (sung by Cliff Richard) and “Hooray For That Little Difference” (Autrey Inman)
It’s obvious that Phil is one of the most talented european musician and composer playin’ in a very distinguished and sensitive way but he’s also (and it’s a shame) one of the most unrecognized! Buy that great album and discover the Phil Trigwell’s unique touch… 
Dave “Long Tall” Phisel
  The Two Timin’ Three - Where did you sleep last night?
Vinylux CD V0010
Black and White Baby - No Thru - I’ll Be True - Love Sick Lullaby - Lonely, Lonely, Lonely - Your New Flame - Since I Found Love - Where Did You Sleep Last Night? - It’s All your Fault - Marie - Got You Figured Out - Just One Wink - Through Foolin’ Around - One Red Rose - No Good Man
Once in a great while I run across a new, young band that really impresses me. Supposedly, our scene is growing, but I am still pleasantly surprised when I meet anyone new under the age of 30 whose knowledge of rockabilly extends past the Reverend Horton Heat and Mike Ness. Last night, I had the refreshing pleasure of seeing «The Two Timin’ Three» in my hometown of Kansas City. In my opinion, these boys are a real class act! A reliable source in Austin saw them last week and recommended I catch their show. All I knew about them was that they are from Boston. Apparently, the wealth of talent on the East Coast has been a good influence on them (i.e.- the LeBeaus, Sean Mencher, The Racketeers, etc.). They have that trio (sans drums)sound down pat. All three of them are solid musicians with no weak links. They are impeccable showmen, and it appears that they have a lot of fun doing what they’re doing. I managed to obtain a copy of their new CD «Where Did You Sleep Last Night?», which was recorded live to 1-track analog at Vinylux Records, and engineered by Lance LeBeau. It is hard to get a much more authentic recording sound on a CD, and it really sounds great when the band has perfected an authentic sound as well. It truly sounds like an old recording. 13 out of 15 tracks are strong originals, and the 2 covers are a couple of my favorites- «Your New Flame» by Sean Mencher, and «It’s All Your Fault» by Cindy Walker. In short, «The Two Timin’ Three» are rockabilly scholars, and I give ‘em an «A»! If you get a chance, I recommend you go to their show and pick up a copy of their new CD. It’s good fun- just like rockabilly should be!
Little Rachel
  Jeremy Wakefield - Steel Guitar Caviar !
Eccofonic Records EFCD03
Delaware Drive - Sugar Foot Stomp - Dark Circles - The Red Garter - Taking Off - Hawaii Creeper - Tiny’s Tempo - Mudslide - Hugh’s Blues - Mugsy’s Flop - Penthouse Serenade - I Wish I Were Twins - Blue and Drifting - Steel Guitar Jive
They call him the «Steel Guitar Wizard» and he hasn’t stolen his nickname. Jeremy Wakefield’s discography looks like a «Who’s who» of today’s real country music. Just have a look to a few of his collaborations : Dave Stuckey, Deke Dickerson, Wayne Hancock, the Smith’s Ranch Boys, The Hot Club Of Cowtown without forgetting his own bands : The Lucky Stars and The Bonebrake Syncopators. This time JW ventures into the jazz fields. For this project he was helped by a bunch of fine musicians, from this bands (Russ Blake, DJ Bonebrake, TK Smith), but not only, like Joey Altruda, Jonathan Stout (Campus Five), Chris Sprague on drums (Deke Dickerson produces) and Carl Leyland plays the organ.
About the music, well what can I say?? I never ate caviar but if it’s as good as this album I can understand why people pay so much for it. What you’ve got here is a mix of western swing, be bop with a pinch of Speedy West. What makes this album so good, to me, is the cohesion. This is not Wakefield AND the band, this is Wakefield WITH the band.
Search the last time you found an instrumental album as exciting as this one?? For me it was in 1999 and the name of the album was «The Hot Guitar of Biller and Wakefield».
Fred "Virgil" Turgis