Hog Wild
Wild Records
Hog Wild-Step Back Baby-You May Run-That’s Fine-I’m Gone-Wasting My Time-Have A Ball-Remember the Good Times-Rebel Girl/Have Loved-Stay Awhile-Gypsy Woman-Gonna Find You-Shotdown-Whacha Gonna Do-Wasting My Time (Alt. Take)
I know a place in California where they raise serial-killers! Yes, you’ve read it well. I can almost hear you scream “Well, sucker, call the police”. Well I’m sorry to tell you that I won’t. Why? Cause I like this place. I like the crazy guys they are housing and I guess that you will understand me cause YOU love‘ em too!!! And I’m very proud to announce you that one of their most prolific lodger has committed a new extraordinary killing “What? That bloke is undoubtedly a total loony one” and you’re now shouting like hell. So now shut your fuckin’mouth and listen carefully to me. That place is called “Wild Records” and the name of the lodger is Omar Romero.
Now, that you’re reassure, just cool down and have a fresh beer cause you’re gonna need it. But you are still nervous, shakin’ from impatience. Gosh, you‘re hog wild. That’s exactly the name of that new 15 killing tracks (plus a bonus hidden one) album!! What a coincidence! But I don’t think it is fortuitous. Every new Wild Records release is a raisin’ the temperature higher responsible and that Omar third full length release is hotter than hell.
The first eponymous track will give you the tone of the album : a high octane and made- to- sweat -blood californian rockabilly one. And all songs excepted one (the Hayden Thompson “Wacha Gonna Do”) are written by Omar alone or with his many different Stringpoppers (Jeff Gerow, Iggy Garcia, Danny Angulo, Victor Mendez and Santiago Bermudez from “Chuy and the Bobcats”). The second one “Step Back Baby” with is Johnny Burnette style will high a little more your thermometer and the third one “You May Run”, a no time to breathe rocker will make it explode already. Then the knock on your head tracks carry on in “Mike Tyson” style: “That’s fine”, “I’m Gone”, “Wasting My Time”, “Have a Ball”, “Remember the Good Times”, “Rebel Girl/Half Loved” (a stroller half in Spanish half in English made with Lil’Luis Arriaga), “Stay Awhile” “Gypsy Woman” and so on ‘til the alternate take of “Wasting My Time” that will definitely knock you out!! But wait, there’s some more to come : a short (but very good) hidden track.
When I told you earlier that you‘d need a cold beer (even more than one) I wasn’t kidding at all. Now, let’s relax…until the next Wild Records killing one!!

Dave "Long Tall" Phisel