There’s nothing like an old hillbilly
Bucket Lid Records BL503
No More Cryin’ the Blues - Hey Mae Laurie Ann - Red Headed Woman - Moonshine - This Is It - Let’s Rock Tonight - Hey Baby - Alamo - Love Me - Let’s Take a Little Ride Sweet Rockin’ Mama - Lookin’ for Money - I’m Gonna Tell - Laughin’ and Jokin’ - Carryin’ On - Real Cool Rocket - The Stranger Walks - Chew Tobacco Rag - Twin Guitar Twist - Muskrat - In the Meadow
Although the split of the Dave & Deke Combo gave us two great solo artists (and as a bonus it also gave us a fantastic drummer), sometimes we were missing the Combo, its harmonies and its humor. So when reunion gigs were announced everyone knew it would be a major event of 2005. As I heard the gigs in Vegas and Oneida were a huge success. And to celebrate this reunion the band decided to release a rarities cd. Tracks 1 to 6 give us the occasion to hear the combo with Bobby Trimble on drums. This tunes are from their first 8 tracks demo, you can find the other 2 songs on the cd version of Hollywood Barn Dance. You’ll also find live cuts, unreleased songs from the Moonshine Melodies and Toerag studios sessions as well as rare to find vinyl only release. I won’t go more into details as the liner notes explain it all. It’s interesting to see that a lot of these songs are still in the Deke Dickerson’s repertoire today like «Red Headed Woman», «Love Me» (not The Phantom’s one) or «Lookin for Money». And icing on the cake you’ve got a brand new recording by the band. «In the Ghetto» is given the Homer & Jethro treatment and renamed «In the meadow». It’s probably one of the best song the combo ever produced.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis