Losing My Mind
WILD Records
Hard Deaded Woman-Little Jewel-Real Mean Daddy-All I Can Do Is Cry-Lucy Has Been-Waiting-Long Blonde Hair-Crazy Baby-Kiss Me Quick-Pocket Pickin' Man-Red Hot Mama - Voodoo Woman-Love Spilled Across The Floor-Little Lin
It seems obvious that today there’s a strong latino raw rockabilly connection. Play the game with me and name some of the best american rockabilly acts, c’mon let’s do it together : Santos, Omar and the Stringpoppers, Hi’Strung Ramblers, Lil’Luis & los Wild Teens, Star Mountain Dreamers, Lil Gizzelle…all of them are latino bands and I won’t even name all the latino european bands.
All these bands brings today some fresh blood to rockabilly with their true, vivid, raw and frantic teenage rage just as the teen hepcats inventin’ this music were doin’ back in the fifties. They are keepin’ the flame of this music alive and ready to brave another decade (century? Who knows?)
Chuy (Jesus Felix) and the Bobcats (Victor Mendez, Santiago Mendez, Angel Hernandez) are some of those rockabilly fighters with beer in one hand, instrument in the other, grease in their hairs, blue denim and rage in their heart
Just listen to their first “Losing My Mind” album and you’ll be convinced just as I was. that they maybe are one of the today most talented band Peepin’ through this album keyhole (just as the sleeve invite you to) you’ll find 13 tracks of pure, wild, frantic hot and spicy rockabilly/ rock’n’roll recorded at the Wild Records studio in Hollywood Among this tracks 8 are selfpenned and the others are fantastic good covers from Jimmy Heap (“Little Jewel”), Wayne Walker (“All I Can Do Is Cry”), Johnny Powers (“Long Blonde Hair”), Jackson Toombs (Kiss Me-A-Quick)and Wayne Williams (Red Hot Mama) This album is too be served very “caliente” with some tequila hot shots
David "Long Tall" Phisel