The Aquasonics
  Play Songs For The Surfin' Set !
Wormtone - WT-506

I dig surf music although I can be weeks without listening to it (cause I also dig Rockabilly, Western Swing, Blues, Jazz and days are only 24 hour long). But The Aquasonics are one of these band that puts me in a heavy “surf mood” (another one should be The Thunderchiefs, labelmates of The Aquasonics). Where do they come from ? Denver, Colorado. I can imagine you, thinking that Denver is not well known for his white sand beaches neither its big waves, yes but Colorado is also famous for Boulder’s Astronauts. And you can find some similarities between the two bands like that great “swampy” bass sound with tons of reverb and a bunch of songs, if not written, made popular by The Astronauts (Hot Doggin’, The Hearse, Surf Softly and Carry A Big Board). The quartet also covers other big names like The Ventures (the Cruel Sea, Journey To The Stars) The Lively Ones (Mexico) and you’ll find two Eddie & The Showmen tunes Movin’ and Squad Car. The later one is played on a slower pace and is more menacing than the original. You’ll find some rarer gems like The Jesters from Jim Messina band before he teams up with Kenny Logins, a vocal tune (Kuk) and they also pick in today’s bands catalog with songs from The Aqua Velvets and Los Straitjackets (“Lonely Apache” a tribute to The Shadows). That’s fine to hear those songs that have a modern edge on their original recordings played with a pure 60’s sound. I don’t know “The Infantile Surf” so I guess it’s a self penned number (but correct me if I’m wrong) in the spirit of Hawaï 5-0. Fans of authentic sounding surf music, gremmies and anyone who wants to party will dig this one.
Fred "Virgil" Turgis